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Answers to FAQs For Online Registration Customers

Q: Why am I not seeing some of the buttons on the Start Page?
A: If you visited our site before Reservations or Registration became available, you may not be able to see the buttons now because your internet cache is showing you an older version of the site. Follow the steps below or in the above tutorial to clear your browser's cache.

NOTE: The DPRCA Portal is optimized for Internet Explorer 8. Using any other browser may cause a lack of functionality.

Internet Explorer
- Click on your Tools Drop Down Menu.
- Select Internet Options from the List.
- Click Delete under Browsing History.
- Make sure that Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and History are selected (uncheck all other boxes). Then click Delete.
- Close your browser.
- Reopen your browser.
- Return to the DPRCA portal.

- Click on your Tools Drop Down Menu.
- Select Clear Recent History from the List.
- Select Everything from the drop down menu next to Time Range to Clear.
- Make sure at least that Cookies, Cache, and Offline Website Data are selected. Then click Clear Now.
- Close your browser.
- Reopen your browser.
- Return to the DPRCA portal.
Q: When will registration be available online?
A: We appreciate your interest. Starting February 4, 2013 you will be able to create your online account and access account functions. You will be able to request reservations of DPRCA facilities available online starting February 19 at noon. This includes ball fields, pavilions, greenspaces, and rooms within Community Centers. Online registration for Spring and Summer Programming will be available March 11th. Please be sure to regularly check our online portal and the City website for updates!
Q: How do I create an online account?
A: Before registering for any programs or activities online, you must create an online account and receive a Login and Password. From the Start Page, click on the Request Account button. Fill out the form for New Account Request completely, and click Submit. Please submit a New Account Request only once. Please Note: If you are registering a child for a program, please use your own information when filling out the online registration account request form, NOT the information of the child you wish to register for an activity.Once you have an online registration account, you will have the opportunity to add family members.Your account will be automatically approved and you will receive an email confirming the successful entry of your account. This email is normally sent to you within 24 hours of requesting an online registration account. Remember to keep a record of your password as you will need it to register online in the future.
Q: Can I add additional family members to my account?
A: Yes. From the Account Options screen, click Change Information About Family Members. On the next page click on Add New Family Member and enter new family member information.
Q: How many accounts should each family have?
A: We recommend that each family only establish one account. The account should be created under the Head of Household and then add each additional family member's account.
Q: How many family members can I add to My Account?
A: You may add as many family members to your account as needed.
Q: What if I forgot my password?
A: From the My Account screen, enter your Login Name. Then check the "Forgotten?" link. Next, enter your email address and click Done. A temporary password will be sent to your email account. Check your email to receive your temporary password. Return to the Login screen. Once you enter the temporary password, you will be directed to create a new password. You can also create a Security Question and Answer for your account.
Q: Can I view my transaction history and print out past receipts online?
A: Yes. The My Account feature allow you to view a detailed list of your past transactions. Just log in, click the My Account button, and select List of Prior Transactions. To print receipts, select View Account Detail to view the receipt and/or print it out for your records.
Q: What forms of payment do you accept online?
A: We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.)
Q: What is the processing fee?
A: The processing fee equals 2.99% of the transaction total + $0.25. This fee is being assessed by the company providing the credit card processing fees.
Q: What are the program registration dates for this year?
A: Program and After School/Camp Best Friends registration dates vary. Please browse our online catalogue or contact your Recreation Center for more details.
Q: Do you prorate program fees for After School, Camp Best Friends, or sports?
A: No, fees are not prorated for programs, activities or sports.
Q: What documentation must I bring to complete registration before my child or I can participate in programs?
A: Along with the receipt and completed waivers, you must present the following before participation:
- Picture ID (Drivers License or State of Georgia ID)
- Mortgage/Lease or Current Bill (Water, Gas, or Electric) as proof of residency. (Phone Bills and Licenses are not acceptable items for resident verification.)
- Child's Birth Certificate (If participant is 6 years of age and under)
Q: Can I view activities without registering?
A: Yes, you can browse through the activities without registering or signing in. Click the View Activities button from the Start Page. Logging into your account is only required to add an activity to your wish list or to register for an activity.
Q: What happens if I try to register for an activity that is already fully enrolled?
A: If the program or activity becomes full, you will be added to a Waiting List. Make sure to complete the registration process to confirm you're added to the list. If spots become available, you will be contacted by a representative to confirm you are still interested in enrolling and, if so, to complete the process.
Q: Do you offer any types of Financial Assistance to people in need?
A: The City of Atlanta offers need based financial assistance for After School, Camp Best Friends and Youth Athletics to those who qualify. For more information, please contact a Recreation Center near you.
Q: Do you have programming/services for Seniors or Theraputics?
A: Yes. Please visit www.atlantaga.gov/dprca or view our online catalog for more information.
Q: What types of activities and events require a Parks Permit?
A: Any activity or event that requires exclusive use of a Park facility (green space, gazebo, pavilion, ballfield), or will have amplified sound requires a Parks Permit.
Q: Do I need to get a permit for my school/group to visit a park?
A: Yes, if there will be more than 75 people gathered for more than one hour.
Q: Should I get a permit even if my group is less than 20 people?
A: Yes, if the event will last longer than an hour and/or have amplified sound.
Q: Can I get a refund if I don't get what I requested, if it rains, if I decide not to hold my event etc?
A: All requests for refunds must be made in writing and no later than 30 days prior to the originally scheduled event in order to receive a refund. No refunds will be made after that time.
Q: May we hang banners and/or use a tent at our event?
A: Yes, if they are approved by the Atlanta Fire and Rescue Department.
Q: May I charge people to come to my event in the park?
A: No. You are not allowed to charge for any event held within a City of Atlanta park.
Q: How long will it take to process my permit?
A: A Reservations staff person will contact you within 14 days of receiving your application.
Q: May I hold an event/rent a facility on a major holiday?
A: Recreation Centers are not available for rental on holidays. Park facilities are available for rental on holidays.
Q: Do I need to have a permit to take pictures or video in a park or recreation center?
A: Filming or Professional Photography requires permission from the Office of Parks.
Q: May I serve alcohol in a park?
A: Alcohol is prohibited in City of Atlanta Parks except during permitted Outdoor Festivals.
Q: How do I request a refund or credit?
A: All requests for a refund or credit are determined on a case by case basis and must be made in writing prior to the originally scheduled event in order to receive a refund. Parks Reservations must receive requests no less than 30 days prior to the originally scheduled event.

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